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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 06-07 March 2018 - Medical insurance n doctor's ethics...

6th March was too rush to write n 7th March morning heads to San Jose, California for my US n Canada Trip till 31/3.

So, to catch up!!

I. Insurers asking government to intervene n get new riders buyers to pay for some  (today's officially said: 5% of claim!). An "innovative product" at the time such "as is" policies were tolled out!!

I m surprised the gov did help here!!

For me, the logic us illogical!!
1. health insurance is pooling of risks for the buyers. None of them really want to hv to claim anything as that means they are sick!! So, basic cover buyers just want to make sure they hv medical care even when they r poor!

2. there is totally no logic to pool the riders buyers with the basic cover buyers! They pay more premiums which the insurers love, n their treatment cost, the clean ones, should be accounted for separately! No?

3. now for the "unclean claims" that the insurers discovered.
a. the insured must be blacklisted. Poor insured as sometimes they were hoodwink by the highly educated n trained medical dictots/administrators!

b. the medical doctors/clinics/hospitals must be revealed n blacklisted for overcharging. Inflating claims by charging the full alloeabke insurance claims, these highly educated n trained people r NOTHING BUT THIEVES!!

How can this be tolerated in Sgp!!??

II. The "test balloon" saga

It is freaking sad to see valuable Budget Debate time being spent on this. WP MP Low is absolutely right!! It is a DISTRACTION! 3-4 Ministers spending time to try to get WP MP Ms Lim to withdraw her "suspicion of GST test" remarks!

Points made n move on seriously.  Even if the gov is right, pushing so hard, not a "life n death" situation vs. making your point THAT the opponent has slipped up a bit then say: Mistake acknowledged n we will 得饶人处且饶人 would hv been much admired by the nuetral!!

May I hear the last of this shxt

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