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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 05 March 2018 - Nothing news worthy to comment on?

"Fair-hiring policy widened to give Singaporeans fair access to jobs: Lim Swee Say

SINGAPORE: In a bid to give Singaporeans fair access to more high-quality jobs, the Fair Consideration Framework (FCF) will be expanded to cover more employers and jobs, Manpower Minister Lim Swee Say said in Parliament on Monday (Feb 5).
“We will expand the requirement to advertise jobs on the national Jobs Bank before EP (employment pass) application to cover more employers,” he said in his Committee of Supply debate speech.
From Jul 1, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) will broaden the FCF advertising requirement to firms with 10 or more employees and job positions that pay a fixed monthly salary of less than S$15,000.
“These changes will ensure that the FCF job advertising requirement keeps pace with income changes, and that the local workforce continues to be fairly considered for job opportunities,” MOM said in a release.
Currently, firms with 10 to 25 employees and jobs that pay from S$12,000 to below S$15,000 a month are exempted from the FCF advertising requirement.
The FCF requires employers to advertise job vacancies for 14 days on the Jobs Bank, which is administered by Workforce Singapore (WSG), before submitting EP applications."
Good to know the ministry is still keeping a firm handle on this front.
While it is reasonable to give the local a 1st shot of any job opportunities in Sgp if they hv the right match of the competence, commitment n experience!
At the same time we hv to assess also, on a continuous basis, if Sgp talents r truly competitive vs. global available talent. 
Somehow it will b unsustainable if we do nothing but just "protect the local at all costs"!!
So, make sure Sgp workers measure up!!

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