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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 03 March 2018 - Nothing interesting?

1. 3rd of March n I m in Phnom Penh till 6/3. An interesting place when the same PM has ruled for 33 yrs. And developing fast with infusion of Chinese money!!

Lots of developments n the whole place was like Sgp in the early 70s with "cranes" in construction sites all over!

May all end well.

2. Bukit Batok Meet-the-People-session (MPS) Notice being twisted to suggest a priority que for PRs. Specifically Indian PRs since the PAP MP Mr Murali is an Indian.

This is bad behavious for sure n should be condemned as the notice was meant to tell any PRs that they need to hv a Sgp sponsor's details if they need the MP to write appeal or whatever for them!!

What puzzled me is the refusal or not taking action to improve the language of the notice should that it will not be, or less likely to be, twisted!!

e.g. All PRs please ensure u hv a Sgp sponsor's details if u need the MP to write an appeal or whatever for u!!

Happy Sunday ahead to all!

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