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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 02 March 2018 - Misplaced kindness or weakness?

Happy Chap Go Meh to all who celebrate it. It signals the official end of the CNY of the Dog festival n people get back to serious work n "normal" life!!

Leaving the Budget Debate n deal with an interesting topic.

"Shanmugam on drug problem: Singapore must 'be firm resisting those who try to force their ideologies'

SINGAPORE: Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam on Friday (Mar 2) criticised anti-death penalty lobbyists as he spoke at length in Parliament on maintaining Singapore’s tough stance against drugs.
“The activists light candles for traffickers outside Changi Prison, they write emotive stories,” he said. “But who cares for … real victims? How many young lives have we saved with our policies? Would you hear a squeak from the activists, about these people?”
He cited a raft of cases from as recent as earlier this week, where a toddler was rescued in a drug bust.
“How old is the child? One year old. In that one year, he had already been abandoned by his mother who is on the run for drug offences, and being passed around between these drug traffickers,” said Mr Shanmugam.
“In another case, a drug addict father abused his baby daughter, regularly biting her. One day, he was furious because he had no money to buy drugs. The baby cried, he shoved her against the wall so hard, her skull fractured. She was 10 months old, not old enough to defend herself.”
“Our CNB (Central Narcotics Bureau) officers recently came across another abuser, seven months pregnant, still smoking ‘ice’. She already had a previous miscarriage because of her ‘ice’ habit, but her addiction was so strong she persisted anyway, at the expense of her unborn, innocent child.”
“Who speaks for these defenceless victims?” he asked.
“As I said earlier, the self-styled activists refuse to talk about how the addiction of hundreds of abusers is fed with each shipment that these traffickers bring in; how many families suffer as a result of drugs.”
“Our penalties are severe because we want to deter such offences, not because we take any joy in enforcing them. No one can take any joy in enforcing them ... We have to be firm in resisting those who try to force their ideologies on us.”"
As those who read my blog knows that Minister Shan is not one of my favourite politicians. Not because I don't like him n more like i disagree with some of his points of view; n the way he communicated them. Nothing personal. 
On the stance of being very tough with drug traffickers, we r totally in syn. The anti-death penalty activists n any judges that harboured such thought MUST ask themselves: how can u make someone who knowingly commit trafficking drug that will attract death penalty as well as ruining n killing the users n abusers n their loved ones UNDERSTAND they hv to be responsible to the consequences?
Our law is very tough on drug trafficking. There is no need to apologise. We hv not gone to the extent of the President Duterte's war against drug with a "shoot to kill if they resist in a bust" stage. He has his reason to do so. We hv our reason to do so too.
The anti-death activists hv misplaced their good intenton. Their kindness r really weakness as they hv not the courage to stop many more deaths n destruction to the users, abusers of drug n their loved ones. Instead they decided to plead for offenders that knowingly engaged in such crimes!! 
Being a democracy, they should be allowed to do their "kind act". At the same time, we must NEVER back down for insisting the death penalty for convicted drug traffickers. NEVER!
Of course, the investigation n trial of such cases will receive the highest level of scrutiny n care. 

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