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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 14 February 2018 - Valentine's Day n Total Defence

They told me that 14 FebFebruary is Valentine's Day n people consume to show love n appreciation to loved ones n close friends. "They" r the marketers n demand generation executives or strategies or just business people. I ignored them. I hv a Master degree in Mktg Mgt n understand their duties to generate demands. They will hv many others who will oblige!!

"Singapore risks losing independence without strong military defence: Ng Eng Hen

SINGAPORE: Without a strong military defence, Singapore might lose its independence, Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen said in his Total Defence Day message on Wednesday (Feb 14).
“The fall of Singapore which we commemorate on Total Defence Day every year reminds us all that without a strong military defence, Singapore can lose its independence, as we did in 1942,” he said.
Dr Ng referred to the “dark chapter” from World War II at the Battle of Pasir Panjang, when soldiers from the Malay Regiment fought “valiantly” against the Japanese but were outnumbered almost ten to one. 
“The battle was lost and so was Singapore,” he said, noting that Chinese New Year that year fell on Feb 15. 
“But on that day, there were no celebrations. Instead people feared for their lives when Singapore fell to Japanese invaders. Hope was lost as the future seemed ominous and uncertain,” he added.
“We therefore pledge together ‘never again’ as every Singaporean contributes to military defence – National Servicemen who make up a strong SAF (Singapore Armed Forces) and families and employers who support them.”"
Never again is our wish. Hopefully the lessons from history r heeded by any would be invaders. Yet, one must seriously consider if Sgp can truly repel any would be invaders of vast numbers n with determination n fearless warriors given our small size?
The answer has to be: No we can't. Yet, the objective for us is: we will take some of u with us until our stronger allies step in. We will rely on international laws n orders to keep our sovereignty. We just need to hang on for a week or two.
Of course that is if the would be invaders r not going to occupy our land. If they do, only fearless warriors n citizens can defeat them! Conquering the physical assets r relatively easy while conquering the hearts n minds of a patriotic citizenry will b most difficult n sustainable!
Let those who want to do us harm be put on notice, Sgp people r patriotic n will make life hell for occupiers. Yes?

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