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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 13 February 2018 - Who wants to be the FB Group administrators?

"Facebook group administrators apologise for doctored City Harvest article

SINGAPORE: Administrators of a Facebook group that published a post containing a news report with a doctored headline about the City Harvest case have apologised, the Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC) said on Tuesday (Feb 13).
Administrators for the Facebook group 议论政策论坛 (Discuss Policy Forum), Mr Ong Sooi Eng, Mr Lee Leng Kok, Madam Ng Kwee Lay, Madam Tan Siew Tee and Mr Yap Tze Kiat, were held responsible for the publication of Mr Neo Aik Chau's post on the group's page.
Mr Neo had earlier published an apology for his post. The original post, published on the group's page on Feb 2, had made reference to the widely publicised decision of the Court of Appeal ruling in favour of the accused people involved with City Harvest Church.
According to AGC, Mdm Ng, as one of the Facebook group's administrators, had approved Neo's post for publication, "thereby causing publication of the Facebook post".
By failing to remove the Facebook post from the group from Feb 2 until Feb 5 despite being aware of its publication, Mr Ong, Mr Lee, Mdm Tan and Mr Yap, as the other administrators of the Facebook group, had also caused publication of the Facebook post, AGC added.
Administrators of Facebook groups, or any other similar online platforms, are responsible for the content published on their platforms, AGC said."
This is a very good case to highlight the responsibilities of an alleged public FB Group that "approve" posting to its FB Group. That the administrator(s) that approve any "fake" or unsubstantiated posting will also be held responsible for any legal liabilities caused!
I guessed this case will put many "happy" FB Group administrators on their toes n may actually cause many of them to seriously consider if they still want to be the FB Group administrators!
I wonder how those real big FB Groups will handle this obligation since they may publish thousands of posting each day! Can they screen everyone of them before publishing? I doubt so manually anyway though some will just take a chance n adopt the mentality of: "No call fr the state is no news!!"

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