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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 29 January 2018 - Two security risks

"Terrorism and 'fake news' key security threats the world faces: Ong Ye Kung

SINGAPORE: Terrorism and "fake news" are among the security threats the world faces today, and governments need to find solutions that go beyond having military defences, said Second Minister for Defence Ong Ye Kung on Monday (Jan 29).
He was speaking at the Shangri-La Dialogue Sherpa Meeting, which sets the agenda for June’s Shangri-La Dialogue, an annual security forum bringing together defence ministers and military chiefs from Asia Pacific countries.
Mr Ong laid out four security challenges: Developments in the Korean Peninsula, terrorism, deliberate online falsehoods and the retreat of globalisation.
Calling the issue of terrorism one of the region’s “most serious preoccupations”, the minister highlighted the siege of Marawi by Islamic State-linked militants as an example of a more deep-rooted problem.
“The Marawi siege was symptomatic of more fundamental issues that continue to persist – the increasing prevalence of a strand of exclusive and austere Islam that rejects the modern world as we know it, the stratification of societies along racial and religious lines, and religious intolerance which has facilitated the spread of radical ideology,” said Mr Ong.
He also cautioned that terror groups will operate across national borders with “increasing coordination and sophistication”, and continue to spread extremist ideas online."
Not sure if he has offered any possible solution to these threats!?
For identification of malicious fake news, can our Sgp citizens measured up since we were conditioned to just accept whatever were reported by government sanctioned "official media"!?

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