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Monday, January 29, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 28 January 2018 - 3 things to comment on!!

1. "Singapore-born filmmaker Sandi Tan wins Best Director award at Sundance Film Festival

Congratulations to the young filmmaker fr Sgp - Ms Sandi Tan! A feat accomplished on her own steam n passion. Living in the USA is also a factor?

2. " Good not to be constrained by 'artificial deadline': Ong Ye Kung on picking next PM"

Honestly this is really not news worthy anymore. In fact, it is a sad reflection of the poor coordination within the leadership to hv so many people of certain status commenting on it. e.g. ESM Goh, PM Lee n recently Prof Tommy Log n x-SMS Zainal "seemingly" putting Mr Ong n Mr Heng in good light; though both denied they were "endorsing" each of them.

If nobody is ready, just shut up n get on with the work!! After all, the cabinet of the day WILL, supposedly not the sitting PM, pick a leader among them to be the next PM. There is really pointless to be asking anyone on this topic!!

I hope the press just forget abt this matter!!

3. "The volunteers at Assisi Hospice: Feeding, sponging and changing diapers are all in a day's work

At Assisi Hospice, volunteers don’t just befriend and talk to patients, but also help out in basic nursing tasks like sponging patients or changing their diapers."

I salute this special breed of volunteers as not many can bring themselves to perform the "dirty work" besides the tasks of befriending the patients with patience,  sensitive n respectful communication n the heartbreaking final farewell every now n then. Without the mindset of "this calling involves taking care of the whole body" n "poop fr the small fellow or big fellow r still poop" n the focus is on "keeping the patients dry n clean n comfortable", the "dirty work" is irrelevant!!

Blessed these volunteers! A special breed indeed. I hv the utmost respect n admiration for all of u!! 

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