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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 22-23 January 2018 - Not ready for shared bikes?

"62 bicycles from bike-sharing firms impounded for blocking foot paths: LTA

SINGAPORE: A total of 62 bicycles from three bike-sharing companies were impounded for obstructing foot paths in a week-long operation, said the Land Transport Authority (LTA) on Tuesday (Jan 23).
The enforcement operation took place between Jan 15 and Jan 21, in areas such as Yuan Ching Road, Alexandra, Woodlands Centre Road and Dunearn Road.
Bicycles from oBike, Mobike and ofo were found to be indiscriminately parked, said LTA. It added that out of the 292 removal notices issued, 62 bicycles ended up being impounded because they were not removed within half a day of the notice.
Twenty-four of the impounded bicycles were from oBike, 22 from ofo and 16 from Mobike, said LTA. As this is not their first offence, the bike-sharing operators face a fine of S$500 for each bicycle that was indiscriminately parked.
This means oBike will be slapped with a S$12,000 fine, the largest amount among the three operators. Ofo and Mobike will be fined S$11,000 and S$8,000 respectively.
In a Facebook post, LTA said it takes a serious view on the matter."
A sad situation for shared bike companies! This situation happened in China too though the shared bike companies can better absorbed the fines as they hv a much much larger users base in China!
MoBike n Ofo r fr China n they r probably tickled by this minuscule fines while locally funded OBike will be hurting. 
Interesting to see how these companies can overcome the wicked human nature to be irresponsible when they can get away with it?

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