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Friday, January 12, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 11 January 2017 - The Shrinking Sgp Populations

"Best of both worlds: Merged junior colleges design new uniforms, ensure smooth transition"


"Taiwanese auxiliary police officers to be deployed at land checkpoints: Shanmugam"

Both of these incidents tell one stark fact: we hv a shrinking Sgp population! We know it for a while now. Government did not invest enough earlier until maybe during the SG50 time where a lot more incentives were given n spurt a bumper year of babies!! 

It is a given that Sgp will be opening the immigration flood gate to take in more migrants soon to fill these vacancies!!

This time we probably will do it better with housing n transportation infrastructure completed before the number goes up!

As for more foreign APOs, this hopefuly is just a short term stop gap measure n that technologies will grossly reduce the human count!

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