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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Daily Lessons from Life 09 January 2018 - What's going with frauds n cheats in Sgp?

"11 charged over multi-million dollar Shell oil heist in Singapore

SINGAPORE: Nine Singaporeans and two Vietnamese men were charged on Tuesday (Jan 9) over their alleged involvement in stealing fuel from Shell's Pulau Bukom refinery.

The 11 suspects, aged between 30 and 63, were among 17 men arrested on Sunday in a joint operation by officers from the Criminal Investigation Department, Police Intelligence Department and Police Coast Guard.
Cash totalling S$3.05 million and a tanker weighing 12,000 tonnes were seized.
Court documents state that 1,260 metric tonnes of fuel were transferred from Pulau Bukom to a Panama-registered tanker named Prime South. The tanker was due to head to Vietnam, according to vessel monitoring sites Vessel Finder and Marine Traffic.
The two Vietnamese men – Dang Van Hanh, 37, and Nguyen Duc Quang, 46 – were charged for allegedly receiving the 1,260 metric tonnes of stolen fuel worth S$687,960 on Jan 7."
What's going on with frauds n cheats in Sgp? It seems such illegal n unethical stealing is a common happening in Sgp over the last few months that might hv suggested it is NORMAL n per!!?? It is noted also the amount involved is more than a million too. Not  only frauds n cheats r happening, the appetite has gone way up!
One can never deter the cheats. Just glad that they r caught n now facing due justice n get their due punishment n consequences!!
Sad that we now hv to be more suspcious of people n can no longer assume people r generally honest n hv high integrity!
So much harder to be the auditors now!!

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