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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 19 December 2017 - Deadly lawless Msia? N narrow USA's world view?

1. Suspected brutal killing of drug war suspect by rival drug gangs in JB!

This murder was recorded on cctv of the petrol station where the murder took place! Surreal n definitely most uncomfortable to watch as I imagined what would I hv done in that situation!! Froze? Tried to drag the victim away fr the open space? What??!!

Then u also read abt the ambulance driver who was dragged out of his car n beaten up by a gang of bikers in Perak n u begin to question: "what' going on here?"

R there is law n order in the country? How could the public endure this? Is there safety for ordinary people?

The Msian police has helped Sgp to nap a few if the runaway serious criminals n murderers in the past. They hv it in them to quickly solve the cases n bring justice to the victims.

May they b successful as such atrocious crimes cannot be allowed to take roots n spout copy cats!!

2. Trump announced formally China n Russia r out to challenge the American way. I find this such a narrow view that is totally unbecoming of the President of the world's only true superpower, esp military hardware wise!!

The world is small yet it is big enough for all countries n human race to live in peace n harmony with each minding their own businesses n living their own way.
If USA can leave the Saudi n the Middle East folks to sort out the issues with Isreal, they will sort it out. Except maybe not to the advantage of an obedient n dependent old producing countries to the USA!

How has China n Russia being anywhere close to influencing the rest if the world in soft power?? Nothing close!! USA music, films, fashions, etc. hv much more influence than both China n Russia combined anytime!

So, wake up n adopt the view that the world needs cooperation n win-win-win strategic view than a competitive one!

M I too naive or idealistic? Maybe. That is what I believe a sustaiable peaceful n prosperous world need!

Take not my words for it as I m just a nobody in Sgp!!

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