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Monday, December 4, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 03 December 2017 - My 1st "Did Not Complete" in 10 races!!

Woke up at 330hrs n prepared for the start of my 10th SCMS 42.195KM marathon at 430hrs flag-off.

Met a good friend who signed up to encourage me to complete my 10th race though his fitness n running readiness is much higher than me.

I didn't feel anything seriously bad when I woke up. Doing the usual preparation n got to the starting point courtesy of a lift by my eldest daughter.

We chatted as the 1st few batches of fast n faster runners got flag-off.

Then it was our turn n I asked my friend to pr9 Wed at his own speed so as not to disrupt his rytheme.

I stuck to my walk 30 counts n jog 100 counts tactic. Little impact on my back.  Felt good!!

After 5km, noted i m on a 6km/hrs as planned. Soon I hit the 12km mark, n I began to feel the cramp on my right calf n a dull pain on my left foot sole!! Should I quit now? NO! Let's try the half then reassess!

On I go till I hit the 18km mark in slightly more than 3hrs. Looking at the prospect of needing walk n jog for at least another 3-4hrs, I decided to give up n stopped!! A bit sad. Yet, it is best to save my back as the sore comes back right after I stopped. It means it was hurting when the adrenaline fades away!! I was hurting n best to go or reality!!

I quit!! Focus is to get my back fix before trying anything related to jogging!

Thank you to my faithful n strong persistent supporters over the last 9 yrs. Tks u

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