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Friday, August 11, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 08-10 August 2017 - Catching Up again!

Hmm. Did not realise I was absent for 8/8 and 9/8 blogs! Guessed 8/8 night was too tiring while 9/8 night I was on the plane from Shanghai back to Singapore.

Anyway, time to catch up on the last 3 days interesting news, if any!

1. 8/8 and 9/8 National Day speech on the National Day Parade itself

Learned that PM highlighted 3 longer term issues Singaporeans must focus on: adequate Pre-school, checking the spread of Diabetes and SMART Nation initiative.

Indeed if home is the most important nurturing ground, pre-school years must rank 2nd! So, with better and more effective nurturing at pre-school, hopefully the future generation of kids will be even more skills at life skills of: learning to learn, critical thinking, acting with compassion, diligent and resilient, etc. instead of just being 'examination smart' as in the university of life, no one is going to grade you on your academic achievement or otherwise. People are going to 'grade' you on your characters and your application of knowledge, skills and tools!

The NDP showcased a very important pressing matter today: that of being prepared for a terrorist strike! How the nation's security forces respond to any terrorist attack will determine if the psychological damages are limited to the absolute minimum! That the cohesiveness, togetherness of One People One Nation regardless of race, language and religion stay strong and stay true!!

2. 10/8

US and North Korea engaging in childish but dangerous verbal exchanges? The Dow dropped by more than a hundred point as I write due to, supposedly, the heat of these exchanges had rattled the market! A theory anyone can grab on to or any thing else for that matter!

Anyway, it will be unimaginable, though cannot be ruled out totally with 2 egoistic national leaders like Fat Kim and Donald. It will be highly unlikely that the armed forces will defy Fat Kim should he give the order to strike Guam! It will be interesting to see if the democratically schooled US armed forces will DEFY President Trump's order to strike with nuclear weapons on North Korea? In theory, they have to execute the order given by the Commander-in-Chief. In fact, this was recently affirmed by the Commander of the Asia Pacific fleet of the US Navy.

Will the heat cool? Hopefully as it is already a very hot summer this year!

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