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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 28 July 2017 - Cashless retailing...

"Cheers launches first unmanned, cashless store in Singapore

SINGAPORE: A first-of-its-kind unmanned, cashless convenience store opened at the Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) campus on Friday (Jul 28).

The Cheers store allows customers to process their own purchases using one self-checkout system for cashless payments via NETS, credit cards, EZ-Link, mobile and contactless modes.

It will also allow NETS payments via quick response (QR) codes, a type of barcode read by devices, according to a press release issued by Cheers and its parent company NTUC FairPrice.

Vending machines will provide customers with a variety of ready-to-eat meals ranging from pastries and pizza to local dishes like fried rice and hor fun."

This is great for cost saving from reduction of manpower. It can be bad if u r the one whose job will be lost forever due to this adaption of technologies n has no other means n ways to get onto another "in demand" or "useful" jobs!!

The challenge is such manual jobs really need to be eliminated n yet no meaningful jobs can be created. Then what?

The solution is still, in my opinion, abt pondering how can humans live happily without to work!!

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