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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 22 July 2017 - More successful More unsuccessful!!

"The more successful Singapore is, the harder it is to attract political talent: Chan Chun Sing

The more successful we are, the more common will be the perception that, in Singapore, we are okay. There is no need for us to sacrifice our personal privacy, our careers and so forth, to come forth and take the country to the next lap.

The more successful we are, the harder it is for us to share with our people the challenges that we are still facing and have to overcome. Someone said that in 1965, there was that sense of urgency, that sense of mission. 

The question is will subsequent generations of Singaporeans continue to have that sense of mission to understand that for us to survive as an independent country has been an anomaly. How do we keep going forward?"

I m not sure what "successful" is defined by Minister Chen.

I will define "successful" as: the people r so wise that they know if the government is ineffective, the country can be unstable n there will be no normal space for the people to build prosperity. 

In fact, the "successful" people like the elites who want to be prosperous in Sgp without having to move to another country that they could hv done so easily, realise that it is utterly to their advantage n self-interest to BE in the government to keep the status quo!! No?

Of course unless, the truth be told, to the dismay of many, that a good or bad government does not really matter much in reality? 😀😁😂🤣

ps: Minister Chan sticks to his stand rhat: u cannot please everyone in politics. True. We only need to get 50.1% of the democratic votes in the next GE to change the government. 😀

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