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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 01 July 2017 - More government officials on LKY's last wish?

Welcome to the 1st day of July 2017. Just in case people were too engrossed in the Lee's family dispute, it may be useful to remind everyone who r not as rich as the LEEs n their friends, that water rate will go up by 15% or more this year to 30% by next July. Ok?

Now back to MORE government officials who some how feel compelled to speak in favour of the BOSS!, a term I preferred not even when working, as everyone is equal unless I m working for the founder/owner of the business I worked for.

Mr Chee Hong Tat, felt LKY would hv put national interest ahead of personal interest after having worked for him from 2008-2011 n had learned a lot fr him.

I find it a bit too presumptuous n insensitive as he seems to be saying:

1. lky, his x-boss that is dead now, did not consider n weigh national interest n personal interest when he publicly n repeatedly stated his desire, n his reasons, to hv his old house demolished? It is easier to question a dead person since he could not rise fr his grave to explain himself!! Or it is better to serve a BOSS who is alive?;

2. that after 3 years, he knows better than lwl n lhy, the children of lky of more than 50-60 yrs n the legal executors of LKY's estate?

Why is he, a presumably smart person, n his other colleagues in the cabinet so eager to speak for the BOSS? r they unaware that it is stirring a sense of unfairness, rightly or wrongly, by the Sgp voters that, lwl n lhy r fighting a gang even b4 the real show on 3/7 starts?

Honestly, high power n high fixed pay folks can't relate to their ordinary voters?

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