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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 26 June 2017 - Dementia care givers


SINGAPORE: Day by day, the son watched as the illness stole away his mother’s independence, her memories and her personality.

It made Mrs Yeo Liu Hin confused and agitated to have to struggle for the thoughts and words that once came so easily to her. Once a sociable hostess whom friends loved being around, the 78-year-old became prone to fits of aggressive temper - hitting and pinching her caregivers, whose bruised and scratched arms bear testimony to her mood swings.

Her son, Galen Yeo, series producer of the Channel NewsAsia-commissioned programme 'Facing Dementia’, understands only too well the challenges faced by caregivers of such patients, and the emotional and physical burn-out that can take place.

“It tires people out, looking after someone with dementia. Even my own family, my sister, she will call me up and say she can’t cope,” said the creative director of The Moving Visuals Co."

A debilitating disease feared by all as the patient fades into nothingness at the end. When u can't even remember who u r, life is quite tragic!!

Scary n blessed that things go well..

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