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Monday, June 26, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 25 June 2017 - Tianjin Eco-City Master Plan Review

1. Happy Hari Raya to all Muslims.

2. Finally someone of some calibre is sent to China to work on Sino- Sgp issues!! An area where PM Lee had botched in his eagerness to play to the USA Obama n the assumed "Hillary Presidency" miscalculation (not faulting him m his advisers as MOST smart people got it all wrong too!!)

"Singapore - Tianjin Eco-City masterplan to be reviewed: DPM Tharman

This comes as the city, which is a joint development project between Singapore and Tianjin, celebrates its tenth anniversary next year.

Since its inception nine years ago, the city has expanded and now has a population of 70,000.

“We are now at the inflection point,” said Mr Tharman. “In a few years time - 2020, when the new MRT line is in place linking the Tianjin Eco-City with the rest of the Binhai new area - the transformation of the region as a whole is going to really take off.”

He added that Singapore’s water agency PUB is also sharing expertise with Tianjin officials on water management systems, such as the prevention of floods during the rainy season.

“The authorities view the Tianjin Eco-City as a role model in several regards for Xiongan City, which is the new area being planned to serve Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province,” he said. “And indeed, there are lessons that they're seeking to borrow, particularly on the eco-sphere.”"

This is good to know that DPM Tharman is in this project given that unconfirmed rumour that PM Lee is too hot to be seen in China due to his recent performances.

DPM Tharman is known to be well liked n respected domestically as well as internationally. The Chinese probably find dealing with him is better than PM Lee n DPM Teo. 

Good luck to him though he better be prepared to answer how did we deal with the "ponding" incidents during Minister Vivian n his successor time since PUB is supposed to share its "expertise" on flood mgt! Notes: the PUB folks should keep in minds that the Chinese had been fighting the annual floods for thousand of years in its long history. 

Good luck DPM THARMAN n hope he stay on m not return for the 3 July parliamentary session on Mr Lee Kuan Yew's final will on his old house!!

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