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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 15-17 June 2017 - More family dirts?

"More Lee's family squabbles..."

More miss slinging n dirts throwing by the LEEs n extended family members. Many r "successful n rich" lawyer n doctors or what- not.

Some outsiders n so-called analysts "speculated" any the why n how n what r the implications, etc.

All very well except all probably r using 3rd parties input. Some of which had already been validated as conflicting facts!!

For me, if there is ONE word to describe the saga or scandalous process, it is: unfortunate or SAD!!

If the 2 younger LEEs r right, the dead man's last wish is to demolish the old home n benefit his neighbours as the land can be used to build high buildings after suffering more than 50 yrs of no high rise building allowed!;

Unfortunately the "noble intention" has now been clouded by the claim of "1/3+more for Ms Lee" vs. just "1/3 equally for all 3 kids"?

Let's just got weakened with this!

Anyway, if it is just honouring the dead man's wish or build a monument for him even when he expressively said n been interviewed to hv said: it is a bad idea to keep the old house, it is easy to understand!!

1. demolish the old house - for me, respect the dead man's wish!! Seriously!!

2. build a monument for the man never mind his last wish!! - in this case it is IFFY for ordinary folks. If it must be so as the cabinet feels so strongly, then put it to the people!! Hold a referendum!!

As a side note to idea no. 2 above. It would be instructive to note that NO lasting political dynasty had survived this "LEGACY building" thingy in a democratic or social democratic society. e.g. the Marcos of the Philippines, the Nehru of India, n the Kennedy n Bush of USA!!

Though the totalitarian regimes of North Korea has the KIM!! Yet, Chairman Mao/Deng/etc. in Communist China has no such dynastic regimes too.

So, i m not sure this wishful thinking, if true, will last passed the short term effect!!

One word to the LEEs to handle this saga, if asked: shout up. No more public statements.

Many r sure, being traditional(?), believe the dead man deserved a quiet legacy that his kids r able to resolve this PRIVATELY.

NO MORE INPUT hence...

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