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Monday, June 12, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 12 June 2017 - Female too!

"First woman detained for radicalism in Singapore after she planned to join Islamic State.

The 22-year-old infant-care assistant had been posting pro-ISIS material online since 2014 and was also looking for a terror supporter in Syria to marry."

Yes. The ladies can be terrorists too! Yes. We know they can since we had seen there in other parts of the world. Yet, when it actually happened in Sgp, we r still a bit dazed!!

Take one for gender equality though nobody is celebrating here!!

What does it mean for the anti-terrorism authorities? Special awareness that the "weaker sex" can be just as deadly as the male version. This is esp so when weapons r designed to be used without much need for brute force anymore!!

Also, female counsellors to detect n "treat" the potential radicalization candidates. 

All the best to the 1st female to be caught due to radicalization. 

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