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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 31 May 2017 - 5/12th Gone!!

1. NWC suggested Sgd45-60 wage INCREMENT for low waged workers earning Sgd1100-1300/mth n raised the min to Sgd1200/mth.

Well. Tks for the increment. This compared to the reported fixed pay adjustment for that SMRT Group CEO of more than Sgd20+k fixed pay looks FAIR!! LOL!!

2. Kabul diplomatic quarter bombing that killed more than 80!!

Another terrorist attack! Another bloodshed that modern men n women simply hv to accept?!

OR why should anyone bothered if the LOCALs cannot resolve their own nationhood?

3. Sgp reserved EP open for application on 1 June 2017 i.e. tomorrow

I honestly wish that there will just be ONE candidate. N let that be Mdm Halimah, the Speaker of Parliament. A Muslim Malay n a female to boot. This is the perfect choice - diversity in term of rave n gender!!

Of course, the legal challenges by Dr Tan Cheng Bock n that barred-from-practice lawyer Ravi, notwithstanding!!

It will be a disaster if most voters good their votes n the converted reserved EP loses credibility. Right?

4. "MOSCOW: A Russian court ruled on Wednesday against Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny in a defamation lawsuit brought by one of Russia's richest businessmen, ordering the removal of a popular video from the internet which details the offending allegations.

Navalny, who says he plans to run in next year's presidential election, has emerged as a major irritant for the Kremlin after thousands of people across Russia attended anti-graft protests he organised in March.

A former lawyer, he has revived some Russians' interest in politics by publicising what he says are outrageous cases of top government officials and Kremlin-connected businessmen abusing the system to amass huge wealth."

The Russians still hv much to sort out. Putin reign is such an anamoly that defied normal understanding. In fact, nirmal decency!!

A twisted evil tale instead of a fairy tale!!

Goodbye May 2017. Welcome June 2017!!

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