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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 30 May 2017 - Malaysia newspapers editorial on our EP

Good that HC Menon wrote to clarify the baseless n mischievous allegations abt Sgp amended EP scheme (or Act?).

PM Lee has made very clear it is necessary to hv different race EP so each race has a chance to be the EP.

Though the EP Amendment Committe did suggest, outside scope, that Sgp can revert back to an appointed President (AP) scheme.

Meritocracy for Sgp has changed a bit. Mostly privileged kids get ahead more though there will always be some % from the less privileged class. This is only fair, or some say: decency.

As the the reserved EP, the candidates still hv to meet the general EP criteria. Just with the same minority race. So, still meritocracy right?

Anyway, when the cabinet can VETO the VETO of the EP, it is a bit strange that the EP is still put up as the final guardian of our hard earned reserves.

Regardless, this is PM's baby n he must see it true as no one is more qualified than him to promote this cause. Now that it is passed as a law, reserved EP it shall be comes Sept EP.

The Malay in Sgp r doing fine with 2 full ministers n a female Speaker of Parliament n many other successful people.

Their own self-help groups r also active n doing their bits.

So, all r good unless the detractors can cite some concrete examples like what the government has done here.

Majulah Singapura!!

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