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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 20-21 May 2017 - Singaporean Identify?

Before I comment on the 'unique Singaporean characteristics' mentioned by PM Lee, I like to confess my dismay at my sad surrendering of the view that: there is no conspiracy theory of a small number of arms dealers are creating all the conflicts around the world in the name of religions, races and whatever, just so they can profit through selling their arms! WHY? Reading the US$100B arms deals signed by Trump and Saudi is the proof. Saudi bought the 'right' to be visited by the 'most powerful man on earth', the President of USA, on his 1st foreign trip! LOL! Sadly though!!

"SINGAPORE: Singapore's racial, religious and cultural diversity has allowed each race to retain and evolve its own culture and heritage, while at the same time be influenced by the traditions of others.
This has led to both distinct variants of different cultures as well as a growing Singaporean identity, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at the official opening of the much-awaited Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC) on Friday (May 19).
And for the Singaporean Chinese person, it has meant he is both proud of his Chinese culture, but at the same time is increasingly conscious of his difference from the "Chineseness" of those in Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan.
Mr Lee, who was the guest-of-honour at the event, said in his speech in English: "Indeed, we can now speak of a Singaporean Chinese culture. In the same way, I think we can speak of a Singaporean Malay culture or a Singaporean Indian culture. For a country that is just over 50 years old ... this is quite an achievement."
And the government also plays a role in fostering culture, which includes supporting the idea of the SCCC when it was first proposed by the Chinese community."

This comment or observation by PM Lee on 'the difference from the 'Chineseness' of those in Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan, has to be, in my opinion, interpreted from the oft quoted 'misconception by the PRC officials and media' that Singapore is a Chinese-majority nation and SHOULD be more in tune with PRC's national aspiration to be the No. 1 influential nation in the NEW world order, and especially in the Asia Pacific region! YES?

Anyway, PM Lee mentioned that Singapore is NOT a melting pot since each major races keep their own cultural heritage and custom, etc. We now have a Singaporean Malay, Singaporean Indian, Singaporean Chinese, and Singaporean AnyOtherOriginalNationality! Distinct and yet different!

That is fine and well. At the same time, what is it to be a Singaporean?

It is by the famous: kiasu, kiasi, kai cheng hu and the 5Cs: cash, credit card, condo, country club membership and car?

Or the nobody really remembered: national values?

What is Singaporean really? For me, it is: be true to the National Pledge! That is a start. Then be Compassionate, Mutual Respect, Lifelong learning and application, Believe in the power of One by demonstrating the exemplary conducts with the intention to influence others to follow!

Honestly I am still looking for that Universal Singapore Values where they will STAY CONSTANT regardless of WHO is in the government. Can we have that from the current leadership?

Tell me not we are already the richest country per capita. Tell me know our educational systems are the envy of the world. WHY? I still see the big rich-poor gap! Why? If our local talents nurtured in the best educational system STILL cannot compete with the foreign talents our nation is attracting to the detriment of the local talents' employment opportunities, I CANNOT honestly believe that our educational system is the best!!

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