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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 19 May 2017 - Shared Economy ...

"SINGAPORE: The 15 town councils run by the People's Action Party (PAP) are developing a common set of regulations for bicycle sharing, parking, and riding, according to Co-ordinating Chairman of PAP Town Councils Dr Teo Ho Pin on Friday (May 19).

As part of the new framework, the town councils will designate “bike drop-off boxes” or parking zones and identify suitable paths for cyclists within estates, and LTA will be “taking enforcement action (against) reckless cyclists”, Dr Teo said.

Examples of these parking zones can be seen in areas like Jurong and Tampines, following recent tie-ups between the operators and the respective town councils.

The move comes amid the burgeoning popularity of bicycle sharing in recent months, with the emergence of operators providing "dockless" services - where users can rent bicycles without returning them to fixed stations."

A brilliant idea taken up by private sector. Yet, the key to its success depends very much on the quality of the users!! More so as the users had total control of the physical assets of the service providers n can caused losses or damages that cost!!

Much has been said abt indiscriminate parking or abandonment of these shared-bikes in unexpected places.

Will Sgp once again revealed that if it not "fine" good behaviours won't happen??

Ok. There r some good mannered shared-bikes users. Just like there r good mannered food tray returnees. Just that the % is too low to mentioned. Nevertheless, it starts with us!! Let's do the right thing ourselves. If we come across stray shared-bikes, take the lead to right it by pushing it back to the nearest designated place or just msg the providers or LTA recovery crews.

As for enforcement efforts, definitely has to be strict, firm n unwavering!@

Good luck shared-bike!!

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