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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 06 May 2017 - American's prosperity at stake per our Foreign Minister?

"USA's prosperity at stake if it break off trades wuth ASEAN! CNA 6 May 2017"

Minister Vivian is out of his depth again. US's prosperity at risk if it does not fully engage with ASEAN n China is another story to "replace" (where did this come from) ASEAN?

Of course he is speaking fr Sgp's perspective. For Trump's USA, if it pulled all jobs back to the USA, Asia will be in deep shxt as they can live without the rest of the world for a while! Not optimal for them while most of Asia will die economically before the Americans!!

If i were him, my reply on cutting or further minimising relationship with North Korea by Tillerson will be: I hear u.

There is no need for Sgp to tell the USA that we already hv minimal diplomatic contacts!! They know!! lol!@

Anyway, George is no longer a politician so forget abt him. Maybe he or his employer, Mr Guo, did help in the Terrex saga. Small thingy.

All the best Minister Vivian.

Not everyone has good eyes.

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