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Friday, May 5, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 04 May 2017 - Be idealistic n yet realistic

"Do justice to your job instead of searching for the perfect one: Chan Chun Sing

SINGAPORE - Instead of searching for meaning in all that they do in life, it is more important for students to give meaning to their pursuits, Minister in the Prime Minister's Office Chan Chun Sing said on Wednesday (May 3).

"In this world, we have many choices in life... we are often searching for something that will give us meaning. But we will often fail and then we will be disappointed," said Mr Chan, who was speaking at the first session of Temasek Polytechnic's (TP) graduation ceremony, where 272 diplomas were handed out to students in the School of Applied Science.

But he urged students to change their perspective when it comes to achieving their goals in life, and think about how they can "do justice" to the jobs that they do instead of embarking on a search for the perfect job. He drew a link between this issue to a common question in relationships : "Is it (more important) to marry the woman you love, or to love the woman you marry?"

He also urged students to remain adaptable in a changing world, citing the example of veterinary technology student Sim Xin Xian, who got a job offer after an internship with a shrimp farm in Sumatra, Indonesia. Despite cultural and language barriers, she adjusted to life there and got along well with her colleagues."

Minister Chan sometimes got too clever with his words. The answer to his question of: "so u marry the person u love or love the person u married?" will probably be: find the person u love n married him/her without any compromise from the Gen-Z n after!! Lol.

Anyway, I like the story of Ms Sim n her adaptability n good senses of taking a job offer n do it. It is of course pertinent to recognise that there were no direct connection between her studies n the job she took up. This compare to some perplexing stories of graduates still looking for the perfect jobs 2 years after graduating n turning down other job offers!! Again, of course the fact that their parents, most r middle class with some rich n some poor, continuing to "fund" the lifestyle of their "grown" kids.

That partly explains the lack of hunger in our young graduates n this "waste" of employable manpower!

Will plain exhortation by the good Minister do the trick? Unlikely. The more likely scenario is the indulging parents cutting the apron strings, or more accurately, "parents' doles"!!

Let's help the kids n the nation by doing just that parents! Would u?

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