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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 26 April 2017 - Bigger than expected!!

Surprised to read that the couple who behaved badly against a 76-yr old man were arrested by SPF!!

At the same time, could not help but to think: if the couple had known how big their bad behaviours could hv become, would they had done what they did?

Bigger than expected really.

There lies the power of viral news n recording!

While it should never b the reason to behave properly at all time n under any circumstances when one is in public view, I also could not help but to think: will this "fear" from being caught in our worst behaviours "force" us to behave properly always??

Again, probably not if one has gotten used to behaving in a bad way most of the time. Unless one constantly n consciously remind n rehearse the "reflex feeling"!

All the best to the arrested 49-yr old man n the 37(?)-yr old lady. May u in your sides of the story told n if u r in the wrong, show remorse n seek forgiveness n decide if u want to change yr instinctive bad behaviours.

Peace to the world.

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