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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 24-25 April 2017 - Nationalist Lady President or Youngest President of France?

Interesting 1st round results of the French Presidential Election  (PE).

Regardless of who win in the face off soon, each has made history. 1st woman contender vs. the youngest inexperienced outsider as the tradtional political parties' candiadates fell off their accustomed positions!

Most pundits seemed to hv conclude Macron will win as the French r not ready for a nationalist, nicely put, or the brutally honest description of "racist", Le Pen.

Will the "experts" get it right this time after the 2 "black swans" of Brexit n Trumps Presidency?? I hope so though I would put some of my money on Ms Pen winning just in casr.

Never say never until the fat lady sings. Or in Singlish: anything possible what? or everything possible right?

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