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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 15 April 2017 - Women Power

"MONTREAL - Believe it or not, some companies in Canada's British-Columbia province can force women to wear high heels at work. But not any more. The premier of the province, Christy Clark, announced Friday that companies can no longer impose such a rule." AFP 15 Apr 2017

Hail this law or rule as I personally am bewildered why sophisticated, educated n modern women who complained about the pains of wearing high heels continue to conform. It almost remind me of the ancient Chinese practice of having their women in bind feet n causing grave deformation of their feet n hence bodies. Sure some bought into the theory of "the great beauty of an inch foot" that some of today's women r feeling when they wear high heels despite the pains the practice may bring.

May the same be applicable in Sgp that no companies cannot force their female workers to water high heels if it is not the case yet.

I m woman hear me roar! No high heels if I choose to!! 

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