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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 14 April 2017 - Local films...

Just watched Part 2 of Jack Neo's local movie: "Long long story" n was totally impressed n absorbed by the story, the characters n the almost life like plots for someone like me who lived through those events n time personally.

The traditional Chinese's biases against the daughter n female, the long suffering heroines who triumph over all these bad treatments n make good, the useless man n men who are abusive n selfish n not very smart, the changed baddy who made good due to some significant happenstance, the racial riots n the subsequent com8ng together of all races as one United people, the move to HDB (the ubiquitous n unique Sgp creation), etc., etc..

All so real for me n touching. I even cried n laughed with the characters n stories. Just as I was touched n moved when watching the movie: "The Miserable" in 2012. It 8s that good for me!!

This movie may not be easy for the milliniuen to relate to as they had never lived in those conditions before.

Peace n harmony to Sgp!!

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