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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 12 April 2017 - Who turned up at UA Deboarding debacle?

Interesting to learn that the same UA CEO won the Top Communicator Award fr the PR Weekly not too long ago n it was hard for people to understand how could he had messed up this Deboarding incident so badly.

Upon reading more, I found out that the 2 incidents r really independent issue n develop differently.

When the CEO took over UA a few years ago, the relationship between the airl8ne8n its union was at rock bottom low. He came in n talked to everyone who has an issue or complaint or unhappiness with UA gets a hearing. He was credited for fixing the all time low Morales n strained working relationship. Hence, his 1st statement to partly blamed the unfortunate Dr David Dao while stating his people r strictly following procedure n doing their job faithfully is t8tally understandable.

For the deboarding passenger, he fits the criteria of the "to deboard" list n should hv cooperated is how the CEO must hv felt n believed.

The trouble is the passenger was bloodied. N the whole incident was videod n went viral!! No passenger will ever want to be bloodied while Deboarding. When physical I juries happened n bloods were vud8bly even if it might be just a superficial cut, it looked very bad on video!!

This plus the coincidence that 3 out of 4 deboarded passengers r of Asian stock made it worst by sensitive Chinese n Vietnamese living thousands of km away who decided to "feel" for Dr Dao n take it as if it has happened to them personally.

Once emotion is aroused, rationality has no choice. What more when rational men would hv concluded that "sensitivity had to be shown to the injured n bloodied passenger"!! Alas, the stock price did dip 1-3% last night. I guessed today will be another day.

Happy flying safely whatever airline u r taking today. Cheerio.

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