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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 11 April 2017 - PROK Nuclear strike n UA Deboarding

1. PROK  (North Korea) threatened nuclear strike if provoked by the approaching US warships!!

Another empty threat or the real deal?

Honestly anyone who claimed he or she knows is a liar n a cheat! The truth is only "Fat Kim" will know. What type of strike n if it will work after launching is also an uncertainty. As such, it is better to just take it as it comes n planned for the worst while hoping for the best!!

If it is launched n truly exploded in ROK  (South Korea) n Japan, all he'll will break loose n it is WWIII n the beginning of the end of civilisation this side of the globe!!

Let's see how it develops.

2. UA Deboarding of a seated passenger resulting in bloodied mouth n negative PR in the social media worldwide!!

While overbooking is very common in the USA as the no show rate can be as high as 20%, it is rare that a seated passenger is asked to vacate his/her seat n de-plane. Much less resulting in physical injuries inflicted by an airport security guy!!

Controversially 3 out of the 4 deboarded passengers r of Asian heritage made the picture even more muddle!!

UA CEO's initial statement in the incident n subsequent clarification were poorly conceptualized n executed.

Internationally the Chinese n Vietnamese are supposedly very upset n some r calling for a boycott of UA. If it gained momentum, it can hurt UA big-time as it claims China to be its top market.

Some said this PR disaster will blow over n in a week or 2 after, there will b new controversies by another airline or another company in another industry! People will still fly UA, especially domestically, as there are not that many domestic airlines t8 choose from.

Internationally? No one will care as long as it is cheap n tolerable n not they themselves that got deboarded violently!@

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