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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 28-29 March 2017 - Religious terrorism n Value of education?

Missed last night blogging.

1. Religious terrorism

Watching the CNA program: "Between the lines" with 4 Indonesian panellists n found it fascinating.

Newspapers Editor, Defence University professor, Muslim scholar n Human Right activist all hv great input.

Wide ranging input n all depend on their perspective. Most r quite civil. Respect for individual aspiration of a Caliphate, diversity etc. r common thread AS LONG AS nobody resorts to violence to force others to follow his/her religion of choice.

That is what most rational people around the world can live with n agree with.

Yet when it involves religion, it is a deeply emotional issue n rationality has no chance when emotions r arouse n fanned by people who r deliberate in sowing disharmony!!

2. Value of education

Increasingly there is realization that the noble ideal of education is to produce scholars n people of usefulness for society to "produce workers for industries so they r happy n not go hungry n create social problems"! This is especially so when jobs n skills mismatch is big. Very big!!

So, Sgp's "earn n learn" program is welcome. YET, the industries n companies should be mainly responsible as the work-related competences r technical n specific that expecting the general educational institutions to do this well is unrealistic.

The general education CAN provide the generic universal competences like: read, write, count. Learning to learn instead of "expert regurgitation human being". Critical thinking, creative problems solving, etc. Of course, all these must be accompanied by a strong set of values that drive these learning n application of the same.

Values like: integrity, self-respect n mutual respect, hard n smart working without entitlement mentality, gracefullness n resilience.

The general educational process can be shortened from starting school at 6 n Dinah by 12 n start them on "earn n learn" as the rest of general learning can be just "for interest only". In this manner, we can get our kids into productive workforce early. That would outcome the concern of less younger workers to support a bigger n bigger old "useless" retirees since those who started young working will work much longer to pass 75 yrs old!!

Of course this will mean the business if general education will whither while specific work-related education will grow. Isn't this better since having so many graduates from so many universities r really useless as the companies n industries still hv to provide the with work-related training!!

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