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Monday, March 27, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 27 March 2017 - Normal or abnormal?

1st of all congratulation to the 1st female chief of Hkg SAR. Unpopular yet now having tbe job to try to help the people to live as best they can with significant different of opinions on what is "best"!

"Couple jailed for starving maid and causing her to lose 20kg

At 1am each day, Filipino domestic worker Thelma Oyasan Gawidan was given around two to three slices of plain white bread, and one to two packets of instant noodles. That was her first meal of the day.

Her second meal, which was given to her by her employer in the late morning, would usually be five to six slices of plain white bread.

And when Madam Gawidan wanted to drink water, she would have to ask her employer's wife, Chong Sui Fon, for permission first before being given water from the tap.

Because of the lack of a nutritious diet, Madam Gawidan's weight dropped from 49kg to 29kg over a 15-month period. The 40-year-old also stopped menstruating and her hair started to fall out.

For starving their maid, Chong and her husband Lim Choon Hong, both 48, were sentenced to jail for three months and three weeks respectively on Monday. Lim was also fined $10,000. The couple are also permanently banned from hiring foreign domestic workers.

Lim Choon Hong (R) breached the work pass condition of failing to provide adequate food to the maid and his wife Chong Sui Fon was found guilty of abetting Lim in wilfully starving Madam Gawidan."

It was 1st reported some time back. Much reflection n speculation by many why they do what they had done?

How is it possible for a fellow human being do that to a fellow human being? Some accused they of viciousness n bring simply evil. Some tried to rationalize maybe one or both of them hv some metal issues? or one had while the other were forced into abetting just to attract the attention he craved? So one is more evil than the other?

Not sure if there were psychiatric assessment for both who were sentenced n if the judge had take into consideration when sentencing as we usually see on those TV programs.

Whatever it is, the facts r they ill-treated n tortured the maid in the most inhumane manner. Perhaps they do deserved these punishment. Though some may still say it us not severe enough.

Key is will they accept the sentences? R they remorseful? Will they do it again hypothetically since they r unlikely to be given the privilege of hiring a maid?

Hope the abused maid have recovered fr this traumatic experience n move on.

When u do evil, u will hv to pay for it. Not if u will pay for it but when.

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