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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 20 March 2017 - A BIG Government?

1st of all, congratulations to the NUS researchers that invented liquid to turn window screens into PM2.5 filters!! This is BIG!!

I can already see millions of homes in smog-choked China lining up to pay in advance to get this product!

What more the longer term plan is to crate a DIY kit!! BRAVO!! Make sure we get this out 1st!!

"New Smart Nation and Digital Government Office to be formed on May 1"

This BIG is not so good unless there r very good reason to hv ANOTHER agency directly under the PMO!! This BIG is BIG government as we had created quite a few NEW agencies for this n that when some ministers SUPPOSEDLY had already being charged to take certain national strategic projects. This SMART Nation thingy was or still is Minister Vivian's baby?

Why the need to hv a separate agency under PMO? Minister Vivian is not able to take care of it? Maybe. Given his propensity to blow budget  (Youth Olympic budget blown by 3x?) n "we don't deliberately go n poke other people's eyes during the Teerex tanks incident with Hkg SAR n China!

Or maybe it simply needs PM to oversee this strategic project of great importance as our cabinet simply has not enough local talents?

Whatever, hopefully this agency was in the Fiscal 2017-18 budget debates in the parliament recently. IF NOT, another budget bursting project from the start?

Seriously, r we having too BIG a government now?

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