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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 14 March 2017 - Disney Gay?

"INGAPORE: The inclusion of a "gay moment" in Disney's live-action remake of the Beauty and the Beast animation is "totally unnecessary" and "signals a marked departure from the original 1991 classic", the National Council of Churches Singapore (NCCS) said on Tuesday (Mar 14).

Ahead of the film's opening in Singapore cinemas on Thursday, NCCS issued a letter to pastors and church leaders, referencing a character named LeFou, sidekick to main villain in the movie, Gaston. NCCS noted this is the first time an explicitly gay character is introduced in a Disney big-screen production."
Did not see that coming! LGBT in a classic Disney remake?
This is a perpetual debate between the Churches n the LGBT folks as the religious folks r concerned with law of nature while the LGBT folks may say their r still Gods' creations except they were made different!!
If that is the case, m it will do some proving, that it is the Gods' "faults"/doing. 
No one is wrong then!!
Just that if the Gods' real intention is to hv female/male procreation, then the LGBT way is not going to be encouraged. n the Gods just hv to apologise to the LGBT folks.
The issue is the LGBT folks want to survive n live as the normals. As such this fight or contradiction should never happened if all just leave n let leave. Leave the Gods' mistakes alone n as long as the LGBT knows they r different n others should be left alone too. Then the 2 can co-exist right? 

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