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Friday, March 10, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 08-10 March 2017 - Catching up ...

1. 8th of March, the International Women's Day!

My belated salute and admiration to the better half of the human race. There is no doubt that the world will be a miserable place without the women. Mother, wife, sister and partner.

2. 9th of March

Still hearing about the bickering between North Korea and Malaysia. Or should we say: Disturbing provocation from North Korea with Malaysia, an unwilling and reluctant participant in this unwanted incident in their country!!

Still, North Korea got China vs. USA/South Korea/Japan with its missile launches! It knows it has a place in this geopolitically sensitive region. Playing nasty is their role. The role that will pay for them. Reckless or calculative Fat Kim? You pick!!

3. 10th of March

a. A sad end to a popularly elected 1st female President of South Korea! 2 days after the celebration of the International Women's Day! President Park was impeached and was asked to immediately vacate the Blue House, the presidential palace/office, of South Korea.

What more to say? Power corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolutely? Women and men both fall prey to 'narcissism'/'growing ego'? No human being can resist and successful fight this? I say NO. Human can overcome such 'natural weakness'. It just take tremendous focus and repeated actions to consciously remind oneself of this peril and to act righteously each and every time!

b. Town Council Act amendment in S'pore - passed in parliament amid rigorous debate. This has been long time coming since WP won the Aljunied GRC in GE2011 and the never-ending allegations of 'improper behaviours' with AGO and special auditors investigating it since. All but without any formal charge of improper behaviours like corruption. Unlike that of the CPIB investigation of the GM of AMK Town Council, the PM's constituency.

Whatever it is. Whoever run Town Council will be checked by the Minister of National Development if there were reasonable suspicion of material irregularity. Let's see what will happen next - to AHTC and other TCs.

It will also be of paramount interest to know a bit more about the results of the CPIB investigation soon.

p/s: The government decided to relax the properties cooling measures. Some believe it will boost our GDP as properties market is a powerful engine to create GDP growth! If this is true, maybe we can forget about our 7 strategies for CFE and just let our properties market value keep going up and up. Yes? LOL!!

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