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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 07 March 2017 - Nuclear Loose PROK? and PMETs?

1. Nuclear Loose PROK (People's Republic of Korea) (aka North Korea or the Land of Kim!)

This is really surreal! Unimaginable real life stuffs that are stranger than fictions!! Assassination of the Half-brother using nerve poison at the KLIA, a most public place of all places! Then the 'denial of Malaysians in PROK to leave' and the exchange of throwing each other's ambassadors out in a tit-for-tat moves by the PROK and Malaysia governments.

What is going on here? If Mr Kim playing Malaysia while also playing the USA/ROK/Japan against China by being a thorn that provided the excuse for the USA/ROK/Japan to station THAAD (The High Altitude Anti-missile Defence) system in ROK?

Will we REALLY see a nuclear war started by PROK?

Good grief. I hope not!!

2. PMETs - the Forgotten now remembered!

For the longest time the matured out-of-job PEMTs' 'complaints' were taken as 'ungrateful, un-spirited' parasites asking for help from the government. Now they suddenly become one of the most help-required lots!

Minister Lim Swee Say supposedly became teary when he spoke about the unemployed matured PMETs after leading the NTUC for decades without raising it as an issue! Hmm. How fate has changed for these PMETs? They will get lots of help going forward. Hopefully it will work for them as if you are over 45 yrs old, hopefully NOT the sole bread earner, and with a young 2- or 3-kid family to supports (forget about supporting the aged parents and parents-in-law for now), being without an income can be the most stressful thing in life!

This is even scarier IF we look to the controversial and contentious Populations White Paper where it wants 6.9m bodies in Singapore and with the promise, or vision, of 75% of locals taking up PMET jobs! The government seems to be struggling to create jobs for matured PEMTs and how is it going to create 75% Singaporean PMET jobs!!

Maybe that's why they are the government and I am just one of the governed!

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