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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Daily Lessons from Life 17 February 2016 - Mass events to kick off first car-free Sunday in heart of city

"Mass events to kick off first car-free Sunday in heart of city - The Straits Times 17 Feb 2016

The Civic District and parts of the Central Business District (CBD) will be transformed into a car-free zone for the first time on Feb 28.

The area will host an array of activities, including mass aerobic workout sessions, walking tours and street performances by lion dancers, stilt walkers and more.

The six-month pilot will extend to July, and the car-free day will be on the last Sunday of each month.

Having spoken last month about how Singapore needed a cultural shift towards a car-lite future to be more sustainable in the long run, National Development Minister Lawrence Wong said in a blog post yesterday that this initiative will take the vision a step farther.

"It will take tremendous effort and time to make our vision a reality. But if we want a future city that's cleaner and greener, and provides an even better quality of life for all, we must start to make changes now.""

I applaud this SPECIAL effort to kick-start the mind-set change and shift in paradigm positively!

1. putting actions to words is the BEST and MOST EFFECTIVELY way to convey, transmit and send the message that: we are SERIOUS about the vision we articulated and we WANT to make it a REALITY! Actions speak louder than words! With this FIRST start, follow up MANY MORE repeat efforts, I am SURE the car-lite future will be a reality!;

2. like the Chinese saying: The journey of a thousand steps starts with the 1st step. This inaugural mass event to kick off the 1st car-free Sunday in the heart of the city is VERY significant! I salute Minister Lawrence Wong and the organizers for pulling this off. May it be a RESOUNDING success and ushers in a new behavioural change that will take root deeply and become a very natural instinct NOT to drive to the CBD on Sunday for a start. Then, slowly but surely, leading to doing without cars at all!;

3. this vision coupled with the intended improvement in the public transportation and urban town planning in the future will create an environment where public has access to a very convenient public transportation system, be it trains or buses, and easily accessible 'all weather manual powered air-con tricycle or bicycle' will make travelling in private motor vehicles an 'unnatural act'!!

Let's do this on 28 Feb 2016 Sunday first. Then again for the next 11 months. Then, on and on we will persist! Actions speak louder than words indeed!!

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