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Monday, January 18, 2016

Daily Lessons from Life 18 January 2016 - How can we keep Singapore safe and secure? Ministries unveil long-term plans

Sideshow! - CHC members convicted of frauds appealing! 'God' bless them!!

"How can we keep Singapore safe and secure? Ministries unveil long-term plans - CNA 18 Jan 2016

SINGAPORE: While defence capabilities must be enhanced and operational readiness improved, one of the keys to Singapore's continued security and sovereignty is the collective contribution by Singaporeans, four ministries said on Monday (Jan 18) in their addenda to President Tony Tan Keng Yam's address to Parliament on Friday.

"President Tan noted in his address that we can only remain sovereign if we are able to determine our own fate. Our geopolitical realities remain unchanged from 50 years ago, and Singapore can never take our safety and security for granted," said the Ministries of Defence (MINDEF), Foreign Affairs (MFA), Home Affairs (MHA) and the Prime Minister's Office (National Security Coordination Secretariat) in a joint release.

"Everyone has a part to play in keeping Singapore safe and deepening the trust between communities. This way, we will remain strong and united even when others seek to sow fear and division."

One of the key aims of the Government is keeping Singapore safe and secure, Dr Tan said on Friday evening as he opened the 13th session of Parliament. "If we cannot safeguard our sovereignty, we cannot secure our livelihoods," he said then.

On Monday, four ministries outlined their plans to enhance security in Singapore."

Serious matter.

Lessons for me are:

1. there can be NO DOUBT that EVERY Singaporean is RESPONSIBLE to safeguard the sovereignty of Singapore! NO DOUBT! No discussion! Period!;

2. EVERY Singaporean means as it is described: Singaporean of ALL races, religions and languages! As stated in the National Pledge! Hopefully when the students recite it every day, they FULL understand what it means and PERSONIFIED the values and beliefs enshrined in it!!;

3. Perhaps we need to DRUM and DRILL this sense of urgency and emergency into Singaporeans' psychic like the Japanese had done with the psychic of their people to prepare for massive earthquake. Perhaps like the North Koreans had done with their people in terms of guarding against the corrupt way of the South Koreans and their corrupted allies in the West! Regular drills involving civilians and the armed forces and all agencies involved with emergency and terrorist attacks responses must be held. The initiative to raise the % of population that can be 1st respondent administering CPR+AED is a good start. More can be done as we prepare for the 1st terrorist attack in Singapore.

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