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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 22 December 2015 - Migrant workers' dormitory under investigation after distress call

"Migrant workers' dormitory under investigation after distress call - CNA 22 Dec 2015

SINGAPORE: Authorities are investigating after the Migrant Workers' Centre (MWC) received a distress call on the living conditions of workers in a makeshift dormitory in the east of Singapore, said the non-governmental organisation.

"We received the call on Dec 20 and the caller raised a number of concerns which included their housing conditions, excessive restriction of movement of the workers by the employer, and also possible salary issues," said MWC chairman Yeo Guat Kwang on Tuesday (Dec 22).

MWC members went to the warehousing facility, and they found about 30 workers there. "We understand that on a regular basis, workers living on the site number substantially more," said Mr Yeo. "They span a number of nationalities and from what we understand, are in construction."

According to the MWC Facebook page, the container units that the workers were being housed in were "cramped and dirty". The workers cooked and slept in the same space, and there were only four showers and one toilet for what could have been up to 100 workers, MWC added.

The affected workers may be moved to other approved housing while the current investigation is being carried out, as per typical instructions by the Manpower Ministry (MOM), said Mr Yeo.

MOM confirmed that it is investigating the matter, and it is looking into possible contraventions of employment-related legislations.

From January to November this year, MOM said it performed more than 2,600 housing inspections and took enforcement action against more than 2,100 employers. They were either warned, offered composition or charged in court."

This is GOOD STUFF after the 'International Migrant Workers Day'! At least SOMEONE is doing something!

Lessons for me are:

1. is this type of maltreatment of FWs commonplace in 21st century Singapore? If so, we have a challenge with the quality of our Employers of FWs. Maybe they SHOULD never be allowed to hire ANYONE!! LOL!! Yet, they are bosses and employers!;

2. 2,100 employers were either warned, offered composition or charged in court from MOM's inspection. This is GOOD. Enforcement has to be absolutely done strictly and consistently as SOME people SIMPLY like to 'try their luck' and NOT do the decent things!! Like Jackie Chan's infamous quote: 'Chinese really need to be controlled! that infuriate some of the liberals in Hong Kong, maybe Singapore employers NEED to be CONTROLLED too!';

3. It is inspiring to learn that the FWs ARE well aware of their RIGHTS! Right to 'decent human habitat', right to 'hygienic conditions', etc. This is GOOD. It will PUT the EMPLOYERs who try to ill treat the FWs on their toes!

More 'International Migrant Workers' Day ahead and LESS of these SAD stories of 'Singapore employers not living up to the world wealthiest per capita nation'! Or maybe due to this lack of compassionate and sheer focus on 'making profit is No. 1!!'.

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