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Monday, December 21, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 21 December 2015 - CFE and Shenzhen Landslide

Watched 'The Force Awaken" this afternoon and felt that it was good but not sure WHY it had smashed the opening day box office world record. Surprised to learn this is just Part 1 of 3!! Hmm!

1. "Committee to review Singapore's economic strategies revealed - CNA 21 Dec 2015

Helmed by Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat, the 30-member committee aims to help Singapore be a vibrant and resilient economy with sustainable growth that creates value and opportunities for all.

The Committee on the Future Economy ("CFE") will build on and update the Report of the Economic Strategies Committee of 2010. It will address five areas of Singapore's future economic development:
  • Future growth industries and markets
  • Corporate capabilities and innovation
  • Jobs and skills
  • Urban development and infrastructure
  • Connectivity"
ONLY COMMENT: A bit surprise that ASME has no representative on this CFE when the government repeated said that SMEs employed more than 70-80% of our workforce. Hmm.

2. "China's Shenzhen warned of waste problem a year before disaster - CNA 21 Dec 2015

Over a year ago, a government-run newspaper warned that a boomtown in southern China would run out of space to dump the waste left behind from a building frenzy.

On Sunday, a mountain of mud and construction waste collapsed at an industrial park in Shenzhen, the rapidly growing town next to the border with Hong Kong, burying 33 buildings and leaving nearly 100 people missing.

Besides new buildings, a network of subway lines is being built in Shenzhen, and mounds of earth are being excavated and dumped at waste sites."

Oh China. China. What can I say about this man-made disaster except for the following:

a. This type of 'disaster' will KEEP repeating itself UNTIL people whose lives are at risk LEARN to INSIST that hazards BE REMOVED. Becoming resigned and then bemoaning lives were lost when the presence of danger is fairly CLEAR for ALL affected to see simply WON'T cut it!;

b. while the landslide is a very big one, the fact that 33 building collapsed like a pack of cards with 'doufu' foundation brought the attention on the quality of construction firms and the many new building, factories, offices and residential alike, in China. Is that WHY real estate developers are always up in the TOP 'richest men or women' list? That quality had been compromised for profit? Life is at stake here. No mercy SHOULD be shown to the developers IF 'doufu' foundations were found!;

c. will this incident made a shift in attention to safety and environmental protection in China? Nah! Highly unlikely though it MAY hog the limelight for the next few days and then it will SURELY fade away from the 'busy busy' consciousness of the people in this forever chasing growth at all costs nation! ONLY those who had lost their loved ones will remember. Even then, MOST of them would be too busy trying to get justice and 'compensation' for their dead family members - a father, mother, brother, sister, son or daughter!

Onwards Shenzhen. Progress cannot be stopped. Though, I wish that they would slow down a bit and ponder over: 'Progress cannot be stopped but Safety counts as there is no point of making a lot of money when you are DEAD!'


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