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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 09 December 2015 - Tobacco products to be taken off shop displays from 2017

"Tobacco products to be taken off shop displays from 2017 - CNA 09 December 2015

SINGAPORE: From 2017, retailers of tobacco products will not be allowed to display them in their shops, the Ministry of Health (MOH) announced on Wednesday (Dec 9).
The ministry said it will move to ban stores from displaying such products after amendments to the Tobacco (Control of Advertisements and Sale) Act are tabled in Parliament.

Retailers may choose to use existing storage units, modify them or install new storage units that are permanent, self-closing and opaque. Retailers could choose to use vertical blinds, or even a curtain, among others. They are to comply with the new requirements, whereby tobacco products need to be out of sight from the public at all times.

Exceptions will be made in the process of restocking the display unit or during a sales transaction, unless the staff carrying out these actions stops to do something else.
MOH said it is prepared to allow a text-only price list in a standard format, to facilitate transactions and ensure a level playing field while preventing misuse as a form of advertisement.
It added that it will allow storage units to be in the same colour as the decor or interior walls of the outlet, as long as the colour does not draw specific attention to storage units.

A brochure, published by the Health Promotion Board in the four national languages, will be distributed to retailers in the coming months, detailing the dos and don'ts of storing and selling tobacco products.

Senior Minister of State for Health Amy Khor said on Wednesday that authorities will work with retailers to help them comply with the new legal guidelines.

In response to media queries, MOH said findings in a 2014 local study conducted among 1,300 smoking and non-smoking respondents aged 18 to 69 supported this move."

This will REALLY UPSET one of my more than 30 years buddies who will protect that his smoking right has been violated YET AGAIN by the government!

Lessons for me are:

1. some smokers see that it is their freedom of right to smoke as long as they abide by the 'non-smoking' signs and whatever. They feel prosecuted and being unfairly targeted. Some can be quite emotional like my long time buddy!;

2. being a HPB I-Quit Health Ambassador, I am HAPPY to see that FINALLY the government is taking step to get closer to the ultimate action: to ban the sale of tobaccos, by restricting the display of such products. It is helpful, hopefully. Maybe those who make a living from selling such products should seriously consider to change to sell something else. Something that is healthier for the consumers;

3. with further restrictions and making selling, buying and smoking tobacco products that much more DIFFICULT to do, it is hoped that the sales and consumptions will drop and there will be less and less smokers in Singapore, beating back the recent rising trend of younger, and female smokers!

Having said all the above, it is also necessary for the government to give enough notice to those who make a living selling tobacco products a long enough time period for them to switch and switch  successfully!

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