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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 02-08 December 2015 - Tardy and Catching Up ...

Being really tardy after heading to Shanghai for my last business trip! After coming back, I have to rest for my 8th Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS) on 6 Dec 2015. Thereafter, recovery ensued and became sloppy on 7th Dec 2015 and skipped the blog! So, better catch up, be late than NEVER!

1. World Climate Change Conference in Paris

Went without too much incidents though significant to note that during that period, the air pollution in China and India were pretty BAD! Of course, today Beijing had its FIRST EVER 'red' alert for air pollution with its netizens expressing their utmost displeasure at the 'inaction' to TRULY care for protection of environment!

Maybe this FIRST EVER 'red alert' will jolt the authority into REAL Actions? Hope so before the LONG TERM health of its citizens get negatively affected in an irreversible manner!

When that happened, what is the point of creating SO MUCH 'Wealth' in such a SHORT TIME? Nobody is going to enjoying it as they will be spending their newly created 'wealth' on 'health and medical care'!!

2. Asean Para Game (APG) 2015

Wonderful to learn that Jason, the navy man who had that most tragic and horrifying accident is now a Champion of APG Table Tennis game! He had written another inspiring chapter in his life to beef up his Motivational Speaker's resume! May he continue to inspire MORE and MORE people who may not be physically handicapped but are not treasuring their WHOLE!

3. SCMS 2015

Talking about inspirational personality, I have to mention Uncle Chan who at 85 years old just completed his 101st Marathon! Phenomenal!!

As for me, it is my 8th 42.195km jog-and-walk raising funds for the Singapore Cancers Society with the supports of many of my long time friends; but also my slowest in 6hrs 50mins 15sec! 50mins MORE than my 2014 timing! It really struck me that when you DON'T put in the training mileage, you WILL SUFFER! While I like to attribute the lack of training mileage to the 'prolonged hazes', and the 'super' hot weather on Sunday 6th Dec 2015, deep down I know that it is simply POOR planning and lack of focus and prioritization!

Maybe, just maybe, the SCMS 2016 will be a better one with a 6hrs target? :-)

4. Terrorist Attacks in London and California

These days you hardly can get passed a day without learning of a terrorist attack! Of course the most contrasting feature between the recent London and California attacks is the weapons used!

In London, the terrorist wielded a knife and badly injured an innocent person while in California the 2 culprits had high powered machine guns, loads of ammunition and even explosive devices killing a LOT more people!

Is this due to the easy availability of guns in the USA vs. the UK?

Of course, this is not just about guns and gun-control given that the attackers in the USA supposedly had been 'radicalized'.

Something for the Americans to solve?

5. Rounding Off with the SGH Hep-C Investigation and the NUH's TB Scare

MOH's investigation revealed some, what's the word I used to described myself earlier, 'tardiness', in the way SGH handle their 'immune protection system'. So, it will be interesting to see how the remedies and the 'meting out of responsibilities and disciplinary actions' will lead SGH to.

As for NUH's TB scare where a nurse was not diagnosed with TB handling 134 children, the number NUH recalled to check that they had not been infected, is hopefully NOT a systemic sign that our medical care providers are getting 'sloppy and complacent'?

Hopefully not as the aging population will be needing a lot of CARE from them.

So, no systemic issue. Just isolated cases that WILL BE corrected and no recurrence is expected!


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