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Friday, November 27, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 26 November 2015 - Train disruptions in Singapore: Worrying pattern cannot be ignored

"Train disruptions in Singapore: Worrying pattern cannot be ignored - The Straits Times 26 Nov 2015

SINGAPORE - Wednesday's (Nov 25) rail disruption along the North-South Line, which affected tens of thousands of commuters during the morning peak, is worrying on two counts.

First, it involved yet another electrical fire. Fires in a mass transit system, no matter how small, can have catastrophic consequences. And there has been one too many recently.

Earlier this year, a circuit-breaker fire shut down the Bukit Panjang LRT system for a day. In 2013, a short-circuit fire broke out near Newton, engulfing the station in smoke and disrupting service for two hours in the morning peak.

The second worrying thing about Wednesday's breakdown was what the LTA chief executive said in its aftermath.

Mr Chew Men Leong, talking to reporters at Ang Mo Kio station on Wednesday morning, described the incident as a "localised" one.

Although Mr Chew was speaking off the cuff, the comment downplays the gravity of the situation unnecessarily.

Rail breakdowns are rarely "localised", unless it is a glitch on the Sentosa monorail."

Well, I commented on this recently that the authorities had done a good job recovering the breakdowns, I guessed some critics are STILL biting on to the fact that the MRT line breakdowns are JUST happening TOO frequently for comfort! This is especially so for those that caused a fire to breakout as any out-of-control raging inferno will DEFINITELY mean a lot of lost lives and charred bodies!! A scary thought and an utterly unpleasant sight to stomach!!

I should not throw any stone on a drowning man, nor woman. So, let's hope the MRT 'Rat Engineers' in SMRT, LTA and Minister Khaw's ministry can pull the rabbit out of the hat and RESOLVE this 'unacceptable breakdown frequency', paying special attention on those caused by electrical issues and the resulting fire!

As for being dismissive and complacent by LTA and its CEO, I think the LTA CEO is more man than that of the SMRT Group CEO who are not-to-be-seen when there are troubles, of course, this may be just my perception, by appearing in front of the media and answering questions!

Bless the 'Rat Engineers'!!

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