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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Daily Lessons from Life 25 November 2015 - PSLE Results, Medical Bills and Start of WWIII?

1. "PSLE results: More students make it to secondary schools - CNA 25 Nov 2015

A total of 38,610 Primary 6 students, or 98.3 per cent of this year's cohort, are eligible to enrol in secondary schools. The number is an increase from the 97.6 per cent in 2014, says the Ministry of Education."

Well done to those who passed and kudos to those who had put in lots of efforts but did not make it. Another chance to look at yourself for those who did not put in any efforts and did not care! And for those who simply decided they are not cut out for studying, go do something. Learn a life skill. Learn to learn from the University of Life. Look past the negative and look FOR the positive in the daily learning that life can offer. Good luck!

2. "Needy patients received S$159.3m to assist with medical bills last year - CNA 25 Nov 2015

The number of admissions, attendances and bed months approved for the Medifund and Medifund Silver assistance increased by more than 30 per cent - from 766,000 to 1,006,000 - in the same period, says the Ministry of Health."

Good on you S'pore government for helping these needy patients. As long as we have the passive income from our national reserves to draw from to pay for these GOOD and WELL. Continue to do that!

At the same time LET'S NOT FORGET to tackle the basic of MEDICL COSTS! Go tackle the causes of WHY medical doctors must be earning more than S$XXXk or S$XXXXk before the medical fraternity feels that this is the 'FAIR WAGE' for the doctors! While we LOVE to have 5- or even 6-Star hotel type hospitals, DO WE REALLY NEED such 'luxuries'? Or these luxurious NEW or NEWer hospitals ACTUALLY cost LOWER to maintain and run? How about the medications? While pharmaceutical bio-medical technologies companies invest tons of money to create new drugs, must they ALWAYS get super profit too? Also, are the supplies chain for such supplies the MOST EFFICIENT and Cost EFFECTIVE?

With medishieldLife started, let's MAKE SURE that MOH and the MAS or whoever that is supervising the Insurance industry keep track of: who claimed? how much? vs. the insurance premium paid. Any abuses of such medical insurance claim MUST BE punished without mercy!!

3. "Russian foreign minister did not agree to meet Turkish counterpart - Ifax - Reuter 25 Nov 2015

"During a telephone conversation between Lavrov and the Turkish foreign minister, the Russian minister did not agree to any of the numerous offers to meet," Interfax quoted spokeswoman Maria Zakharova as saying."

One of my friends cried: 'The start of World War III?' with the downing of the Russian fighter jet by the Turkish forces!

Alas, NOT SO FAST mate! The Russian authority had been playing this type of high stake game for a while now with President Putin trying to re-create the former glory of the USSR and to re-assert the powerful, ruthless fearless and always triumphant Russian armed forces with aplomb and nary a care of WHAT or HOW THE REST OF THE WORLD would react.

So, it is UNLIKELY that it will go to war with Turkey just because of an 'unfortunate miscommunication' between pilots and anti-air missile guys of the 2 countries. Like I said, these are just pawns in the eyes of their political masters. Expendable naturally though sometime can cause a bit of inconvenient scrutiny and temporary lost of 'face' and 'political supports' from its citizens. However, history, at least recent history anyway, had shown that NOTHING TOO SERIOUS will come out of this.

However, if I am wrong, it would be the most opportune time for ISIS, if it is indeed that influential and powerful, to launch attacks on the West and Russia!

Or maybe I got carried away by my wild imagination!!

LOL!! WWIII simply has to wait a bit longer. Yes?

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