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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Daily Lessons from Life 12 June 2013 - Vienna children's home reportedly saw abuse, rapes "for decades"

"Vienna children's home reportedly saw abuse, rapes "for decades" - AFP 12 June 2013 VIENNA: Children were physically and mentally abused for decades at a former Austrian children's home and city authorities knew about it but did nothing, a commission charged with investigating the allegations said Wednesday. The Wilhelminenberg home on a hill above Vienna closed in 1977, but until then children staying there were subjected to regular abuse and in some cases raped by personnel or men from outside the home, the commission found in its report. "The commission confirms the use of massive physical and psychological violence over decades," its head Barbara Helige told a press conference Wednesday. The violence went beyond the severe education techniques of the time and clearly violated regulations on children's homes which forbid beatings, Helige said, confirming that rapes also took place. "The suspects broke in from outside or gained access to the dormitories with help from the nurses," she said. The commission also found that city authorities at the time were aware of the allegations, following a wave of complaints by parents, nurses and youth services, but did nothing. "Something like this must never happen again," Helige concluded." A very tragic case. Shocking that the City authorities knew about the abuses and COULD turned a blind eye to it!! Lessons for me are: 1. again evils exist everywhere! It is not privy to any culture or race or country!!; 2. how could any human being allowed its young to be exploited and abused on a consistent and prolonged basis unless that person is or persons are dead spiritually! So, when they are put on trial, there must be no mercy on them. They must be made to pay regardless of how long ago those terrible crimes were committed; 3. those in authorities then will have to be PUNISHED even more severely than the culprits who actually committed the crimes against the young defenseless children for they have failed them badly. Let's not be soft when firm actions are needed to deter future occurrences. Ever!!

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