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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Daily Lessons from Life 10 April 2010 - Chinese official used bribe cash to bed hundreds

"Wed, Apr 07, 2010 AFP Chinese official used bribe cash to bed hundreds

BEIJING: An official has been detained in China after allegedly accepting bribes so he could pay for sex and pursue a plan to sleep with up to 800 women, state media said Wednesday.

The 47-year-old department head in the eastern city of Anqing was turned in by his wife last month after she discovered his diaries, containing detailed records of his sexual trysts and bribe payments, the Dahe Daily reported.

The man, given the pseudonym Wang Cheng by the paper, also secretly recorded his exploits on video and stored the footage on a portable hard drive found with the diaries, it said."

I am sorry to be commenting on this slightly dated news of 07 April 2010 but it is just fascinating how an intelligent person with a respectable job who has a plan and the capability to execute well ended up in such a wrong place!

Lessons for me are:

1. this gentleman is obviously smart and capable. He has a vision, a goal. He knows what he wants and knows what he need to do to get what he wants and he was executing rather well until his wife turned him in;

2. smart and capable people can achieve a lot. Both good and bad! In this case, he devoted his smart and his energy along the wrong path of corruption and living a decadent lifestyle. He has destroyed his family and his own career needlessly. It will be revealing to learn what drive him to this quest of bedding 800 women and the urge to record the details on his diary - both the bride and the sexploitation!;

3. often time it is those closest to the culprits who knows what is going on the earliest if they are observant and sensitive to behavioural changes. Sometimes they know about the going on but do not have the heart to exercise 'tough love' by cutting the source of the evils at the earliest opportunity and time. Any hesitation in exercising 'tough love' will normally prolong the addiction and the degeneration and sinking deeper into the abyss to the point of no return. So, for those who are in the position to uncover and whistle-blow, if you like, you must act on the 3-strike and you are out principle IF you could not bring yourself to do in on the 1st strike. For me, the 1st strike may be too drastic unless we are talking about a life and death situation!

May this case be another warning to those who harbour the idea of: 'I will take my chance and I cannot be so unlucky to get found out!' because you will get found out, it is just a matter of when if you did something you were not supposed to! If you did not do the right thing! Be warned!

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