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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Daily Lessons from Life 09 April 2010 - Japanese robo-suit promises superpowers for greying farmers

Channel NewsAsia - Japanese robo-suit promises superpowers for greying farmers - channelnewsasia.com:

"The robo-suits can reduce the user's physical effort by 62 percent on average, the inventors say. When bending knees the muscular activity is reduced by half, and the suit can also take most of the strain out of crouching.

'We conducted a survey of 102 people for the latest model, asking what part of the body hurt when they picked grapes,' Yamamoto said. 'Most farmers complained about aches in their arms, necks and lower backs.'

The suits are already tough, but soon they will also become smarter.

By the end of the year Professor Toyama plans to start working on augmented reality goggles on which useful information could be displayed for the farmer, in much the same way as data is projected onto the inside of a fighter jet's cockpit."

A bit of science fiction into today's world. Actually robo-suit is not a new thing as its development has been at least 15 years old if not older! So, it is great to see technologies helping people to live a better life for those who have grown old and weak as the years pressed on!

Lessons for me are:

1. human being are smart in innovation and innovation can benefit human being though some were used for the wrong purposes of destruction instead of construction!;

2. to be able to use technologies for the right purposes makes the world a better place to live in and all innovators should have that in mind instead of using it for destructive purposes;

3. commercial interests will eventually decide if the innovation is going to be taken to a massive scale so that more human beings can benefit from it. The initial push can be from government subsidies and incentives to encourage the development and then mass production of any useful innovations like this robo-suit.

May the robo-suit be made in a cheap and good fashion within the next 2-year! May it also benefits the aging Singaporeans at very affordable prices when it hits own shore!

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